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Clean and optimize your computer with the program Soft Cleaner, which analyzes and shows you information on your PC's storage, similar to CCleaner or Clean Master.

Simply open the program and click the button on the lower part of the window to start the scan. After that, the program will display a series of buttons above that one. Tap on the analysis button to display all the files detected during the scan, or narrow or expand your search from the control panel.

Once Soft Cleaner has detected the desired files, clean your system by clicking on the second to last button, and close the program with the last one. The total number of detected files is shown on the lower part of the screen, with files in the recycle bin and the space they take up shown on the left side, and other data on the right, such as the cache memory, CPU, and temperature.

Soft Cleaner is a quick, simple, and secure cleaner, that won't delete any necessary files from your computer.
By Álvaro Toledo

Windows XP or higher required